Audit Process

Our audit process gives us the confidence to ask for an opportunity to quote your outsourcing needs. We feel this audit process answers many of the questions and concerns you should have in starting a relationship with a new vendor. This helps us offer our customers Quality, Service, and Cost Savings. 

  1. How many years has the company been in business?

  2. Is the company financially sound to weather the economic storm we find our country and world in?

  3. Do they purchase materials in sufficient quantities and grades to allow you the customer to take advantage of their volume purchasing? 

  4. Are they continuously investing in their company? 

  5. Do they do PM on their machinery to assure continuity of QUALITY & SERVICE?

  6. What is their main expertise fabrication or machining? Or can they do both?

  7. What is the range of their machinery? 

  8. Do they have capability to download the customers CAD files direct to their machines?

  9. What tracking system is in place to assure on time delivery?

  10. What inspection process do they use in insure the product is delivered correctly?

  11. What type of inspection equipment do they have in house and do they have personnel assigned to inspection?

  12. What is the average age of the employees and do they a training program?

  13. How much experience do the current employees and key mangers have?

  14. Does the company provide competitive wages and benefit packages to reduce attrition rate?

  15. Does the company have an in house training program to allow employees to advance?

  16. Do they have trained machinist and not just buttons pushers?

  17. Does the company have good secondary operation outsourcing partners, powder coating, plating, anodizing, heat treating, grinding etc? Are these sources close to the shop?

  18. Does the company have their own delivery trucks?

Global Sourcing

Brown & Associates has used the above process to partner with global companies, and require companies have a presence in the United States. Within the U.S. these companies must have technical people who can answer questions, and have domestic warehousing.